Memei, Sex Workers Localisation Sintai Batam Riau Islands

Memei and 150 men who slept with her.
The clientele ranging from high school students to grandparents.

It did not take much time to get close to Memei - a pseudonym. Friendly demeanor, impressed along with everyone, and cheerful, guaranteed to make even shy man as comfortable talking to him. Supported by the tiny body and olive skin, every man would not stand the temptation 23-year-old woman.

Memei sex worker who was hung in one of the bars in the Localization Sintai, Tanjunguncang Batam Indonesia. Because of his profession, he is to attract smart - read sahwat - every man who visited a bar owned by hubby who maintain it. For PSK, the body is the main capital Memei to continue to survive in the harsh world.
Age is considered young, but about the black experience in the world, Memei not be regarded lightly. Six months of living life as a prostitute, Memei counting more than 150 men who had slept with her. At this time Coverstory edition, Memei opportunity to share a little experience to readers.
This is her story:
Unlike most other sex workers who claim to often fall into prostitution because it deceived the world, claiming Memei very consciously chose the profession. Economic factors are the main reasons why he wants to become a prostitute. Especially after a divorce with her husband, about the beginning of the year 2009.

Some time after the divorce, a woman from West Java was introduced to (PJ), a man who is also the owner of the bar where she now hung. By PJ he was immediately offered as the PSK. Memei willing. About a month ago in July 2009, Memei fly to Batam.

''This has become my choice, "said Memei. Capital about the tiny body, olive skin, and face - and body - a glimpse of similar artists and presenters Nirina Zubir, Memei waterfall in the world of prostitution. Confessing not much mastered a variety of styles intercourse , Memei have a "weapon" other, more deadly. It is a seduction.
Prostitution is the world's very hard and often make or physically hurt. Memei admitted, since the prostitute themselves, not infrequently he received treatment less favorably than men who use her services. Starting from the demand for intercourse style weird, to acts of violence such as beatings.
Customer Strange Request
"Ah but sometimes there is a strange request, there is a mountain style meat ask, I say not bad. Finally so sick of all," he said while chatting with POSMETRO Memei Wednesday afternoon and then at the bar where Memei work. Sitting cross-legged on a beige couch, his face still visible despite ayunya absolutely no make-up faces made.

As she talked, her lips almost unending Memei petite smoking fetish Sampoerna Mild. In undergoing the profession, for Memei, "Problem style (intercourse) is not a variety, but how do I make him happy I know how. That's enough."

From 150s ever Fuck with it man, Memei story, they come from different walks of life. Ranging from grandparents to high school kids never served. "Children like high school sometimes stray too, the goat was also there," he explained.

Working night and must rely on physical strength certainly need stamina. To that end, shoulder-length hair, admits she likes to consume jamu. So not surprisingly, overnight Memei could serve five men at once. "When I was in Basic jengkol, because crowded once in a night, can I ladeni to five people," added Memei. Principal jengkol is illegal in Tanjunguncang localization Batam Riau Islands - Indonesia. Memei place that used to work at the end of December and then evicted Batam City Government. (Tjo)